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"a danger in case of wrong use," said Macchiavello. "We are making great efforts with patrols at the beaches and divers in the sea trying to recover those explosives," Macchiavello


st Maj. Nidal Hasan shot to death 13 and wounded over 30 others. "We have also seen U.S. born extremists plotting to commit terrorist acts overseas, as was the case with the heavil.


said Thursday. Advanced economies have to continue grappling with stubbornly high unemployment rates and arduous fiscal consolidation tasks, Lipsky said at a Thursday event held .


comments came against the backdrop of international criticism of Israel's plan to construct new housing units in disputed areas in East Jerusalem. Concluding a Mideast tour which.


ing that many people were injured and material losses were caused. Another mortar landed at the Tihsreen Stadium at the Bramkeh district in central Damascus, injuring two referees,.

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esture and called on the government to follow suit. Santos, however, refused, insisting that the government would continue to fight the rebels until a definitive peace agreement i.

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g more inroads into the U.S. market. They also predicted that once the construction of the new U.S. nuclear power reactors begins, there will be much more fierce competitions in t.

be below 41 Fahrenheit (5 degree Celsius) and hot food should be above 135 Fahrenheit (57 degree Celsius), he said. Hsu added that he makes sure the food area -- the packaging, s.

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